FLU Vaccine 2021

ADULT flu vaccine clinic: For those at risk Aged 18 and over:

Click the link below to book your flu vaccine appointment

Contact the surgery by phone if all dates & times are booked.


Patients aged over 65 years can now click the link above to book an appointment.


Children's Flu Vaccine aged 2-17 years

Click the link below to book your child's vaccine appointment


*Please note*

If you are aged 80+ we will be administering the Flu Vaccine and COVID Booster in the same clinic and will be in touch with you shortly.





Maternity Care:

This scheme is open to everyone with a valid PPSN and will cover your assigned obstetric visits to the surgery, it does not cover non-pregnancy related visits. For further information click below.



In keeping with GDPR recommendations, we would ask all patients to ensure you have signed our privacy statement with regards the storage/usage of your personal data. Please drop into the surgery at your convenience to do this. 



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